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There is often times a disconnect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, we know what's good for our bodies,but we don't always act accordingly. Kurvesandkontours aim to mend the gap between knowing and doing, by catering to each individual's unique circumstances.Whether it is weight loss or weight management managing dietary condition,or developing a healthy relationship with food,kurvesandkontours offers a variety of services and packages designed to meet your needs.


Nutrition/Weight management plan The program includes an easy to follow meal plan that gives you the option to select from a variety of foods. Our weight loss plan focuses on modifying your attitudes to eating and allows you to eat. In fact, we encourage you to eat more often (in smaller quantities of course)!


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Can call us from Mon - Sun (9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M) ph: 912345678 or contact us on kurvesandkontours@gmail.com

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Dr. Nidhi Choudhary a well knowned nutrition and dietician, she had started her venture "kurves and kontours" in the year Read more

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I would like to extend my big thanks to my friend and my coach(post pregnancy)! Thanks Nidhi for guiding me achieving my goal. Post pregnancy weight reduction is a biggest challenge with most women. But with your diet program it was really easy even with my busy schedule with a little baby and back to work! Within 2 weeks I started getting comments/compliments� on my baby fat loss! I started with 64 kgs and achieved 55 kgs within 2-3 months span and continue to maintain 54/55 kgs since last year December! Few pounds shedding weight means a lot to carry out confidence & energy with in you!

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She is a magician...let's u eat everything but sensibly...I have not done any excercise or walk... I lost weight purely by eating healthy...thank you Doctor Nidhi ... Much love

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The Diet was well planned and there was a snack every hour almost because of which I was never hungry.�Now the BEST part:�2 months with you Nidhi, I had lost 8 Kgs. This is a miracle. I really want to thank you. All my frustration just changed to absolute BLISS overnight. I continued the diet with renewed motivation and happiness. Since losing an impressive 8Kgs by just eating right, I have a lot more energy throughout the day and I'm determined to continue losing weight until my Goal is reached! (Planning for more)�Nidhi you've done a great job making the diet keeping in mind my likes and dislikes. No amount of words can express my gratitude to her.�I would like to wish you the very best and may God bless you. ��Thanks and Cheers!!!

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I have always been an overweight girl but always in love with myself to let it affect me. Post marriage I matured enough to understand that losing weight is not just to look good but to achieve good nutrition and be healthy from inside. When marital bliss made me more than overweight within a year of marriage , I decided to take action. Dr Nidhi whom I now fondly call didi came to my rescue and in 6 months I was 18-19 Kilos down